Going Global on a Shoestring

Kommer den 1. september 2020

Strategies for global expansion when your budget is small.

Going Global on a Shoestring is a handbook for the executives and business developers in small and medium sized software-companies (20-200 employees) that lay out the strategies for global expansion as well as perform the actual field work with winning the first customers abroad.

It is a book about how to get the first customers outside your domestic market. We could call it establishing the foundation for global growth. Getting that foundation in place and then scaling it to market leadership are two very different tasks. This book is mainly about the first task and not so much about the other.

Based on Everett M. Rodger’s principles around Diffusion of Innovations, Alexander Osterwalder’s business model framework, thirty case stories from the industry and the author’s personal experience with growing companies from incubation to global market leadership. The book provides a practical approach to international expansion, when you cannot afford making big mistakes.