Management Consulting Essentials

 A book for the independent management consultant. How to find and win customers and get your fair share of the value you create.

 In the book Management Consulting Essentials I share my experience being a solo and independent management consultant. Over the 105 pages, the book covers, I touch on all the aspects of management consulting. However, the main focus is on lead generation, sales and account management.

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 I liked this book very much. It is very short, thought-provoking. Highly recommended to anybody in business management consulting.

Oleg Palchik

 This little booklet is a great and very practical piece of advice when you want to start up an individual consulting career. Especially if the selling part is new to you.

Camilla Westergaard

 This is the really essential book for independent management consultants, especially in Information Technology.

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For the senior executive

 My key audience is the senior executive who has decided to throw off the burdens of corporate politics, the hours required on staff management, and the whims of an erratic chairman or owner.

The senior executive who wants to be his own master and spend all his working hours on the professional side of what he is good at: Helping companies grow.

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